I consider myself a photographer, designer, and artist.

Each title has it’s own definition and categorized differently in art, but certain aspects of my work that I’m attracted to allow me to combine these three titles into one. I treat everything that I do in a similar manner, even when it comes to my work. Organization and precision is key to all the work that I do. I’m drawn to clarity, sharpness, simplicity, and sleekness. Color is mainly used as the focus in my photography.

I am very diverse with what I photograph, but I have recently discovered I enjoy using make-up as a manipulation tool prior to photographing a model. The idea of being able to manipulate my subject before gives me open opportunities in styling and developing a certain look. The use of make-up and styling has helped me create “monumental” beings, which is a never-ending idea of mine that can be done in many different ways.

Not only do I enjoy developing an idea and making it my own through my unique, conceptual work, but I am also a lover for photographing beautiful and memorable portraits, engagement sessions, and weddings.

I am an admirer of art. I am inspired by art. I am inspired by people,
who strongly believe their artwork means something to themselves and also to others.