Laretta Houston: Beauty & Fashion Photographer

As reflected in her art, her history plays and incredible influence on Laretta’s vision. She sees beauty in unlikely places. As a woman who wears her emotions on her sleeve, her mind’s eye sees each project as a very personal journey.

Based in Atlanta, GA. Laretta Houston is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle editorial photographer. She also seeks work in NYC, Miami, and Chicago. Houston's beauty portfolio focuses on close-ups, color, or the item/product. Recently, Houston has been experimenting with patterns and textures in her fashion portfolio. Depending on the subject matter and the styling of the model, Laretta uses plain studio backgrounds to focus on the model, but also uses location to add more to the model. Looking through Laretta's portfolio I've observed that her style of photographing is very bold. She has a strong eye for angles and certain points of views. I admire her eye in capturing the model. She is not only showing off the fashion, but also the model's character. Houston photographs a certain look, expression, and pose in the right way. Aside from her beauty and fashion work, she also photographs lifestyle and celebrities. Houston's lifestyle portfolio is much more laid back and simple, but she still presents her bold style of photographing.