Sean Scheidt: Fashion, Portraits, and Experimetal

Relationships are essential. An image is not only a dialogue between itself and a viewer, but a conversation between the photographer and subject.
— Sean Schedit (
Meeting new people, exploring new ideas and painting with light, this is why I photograph.
— Sean Scheidt (

Based in Baltimore, MD. Sean Scheidt explores fashion, portraiture, fine art, and his own personal projects. Originally, a painter he experimented incorporating photographic ideas within his paintings. He considers a photograph a stage where he can set his ideas. Sean also sees a relationship beyond the photograph itself and the viewer, he wants to show the conversation between the photographer and the subject. His most recent work Scheidt has been presenting his work in a before and after set-up. Manipulation of the model is key to his most recent work. The isolation of the model in front of a plain background gives the viewer a focus on the manipulation.